California FSC Instructor Courses

To purchase a firearm in California most individuals must pass a State mandated test and pay a $25.00 fee to obtain a California Firearms Safety Certificate (FSC).  The test and certificate should be available at any establishment that sells firearms.  Firearms purchasers must also pass a Firearms Safety Demonstration with the firearm they are buying before they can pick it up.


California Firearms Safety Certificate (FSC) Instructors are qualified to both administer the FSC test and give the Firearms Safety Demonstration


To become a Firearms Safety Certificate Instructor, individuals must attend an approved Caliornia FSC Instructor Training Class or be certified as an Instructor or Range Officer as prescribed by the California Penal Code.


We are able to provide the training for individuals that need to become FSC Instructors so they can both proctor the FSC Test and sign off on the Firearms Safety Demonstration.


The course is approximately three and one half hours in length and includes an overview of the Firearms Safety Certificate program and instruction on the procedures for the Firearms Safety Demonstration.  Firearms that are covered include: double action revolvers, single action revolvers, semi-automatic pistols and break, bolt, lever, pump and semi-automatic action long guns.


The course fee is $125.00 per person and normally a class size is a minimum of four people. Depending of the location, date and time, courses may be able to be held at an indvidual store.  Individual classes may be scheduled at a location in Coulterville, Ca.